- the Runtime Objective-C IDE & JIT compiler
MacOS X WebObjects
- Fast Incremental Objective-C Development
- Full Speed Native Apps in Deployment

- NO ActiveDeveloper Dependency in your code
ActiveDeveloper is ONLY used for Development
MacOS X , Windows XP/2K/NT/Me/9x
Objective-C & C ...
ActiveDeveloper turns developing Objective-C & C into Scripting

- Build and re-build your Objects while they run ...

- Great API learning help
- Rapid prototyping and XP programming
- Scales to any size Project

Features: - Project and Image Concepts
- Class and Category Editors
- Runtime Object Browsers
- and of course - Workspaces
Plus: - Everything works inside your Apps at RUNTIME
without any need to restart or rebuild contexts

- Due to it's Distributed nature it stays Alive
even when you manage to kill your Apps

ActiveDeveloper is IDEAL for both Beginners and Professionals

    - Powerful for Learning the extensive Cocoa and WebObjects Frameworks
    - Powerful for Working:
GROW your Code - do not Edit, Compile, Test Separately
    - Powerful for Debugging complex Object Structures

ActiveDeveloper is Designed to function along with ProjectBuilder and InterfaceBuilder ...

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